10+ Universities in Canada that accept 2.2 & HND for Masters and Graduate Studies


Do you want to pursue a Masters Degree in Canada with a lower grade (e.g., 2.2 or Second Class Lower) in your first Degree, OND, or HND, this article is exclusively for you.

I recently wrote about 20+ Universities in USA that accept 2.2 & HND for Masters and Graduate Studies after people asked me to throw light on it. This article is for individuals concerned about the acceptance of 2.2 CGPA or HNDs by Canadian schools and their chances of admission.

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The first crucial point is that gaining admission to Graduate programs (Masters/PhDs) in Canada is highly competitive, with a common minimum requirement of a 70-75% CGPA (approximately 3.5/5.0 on the CGPA scale). Successful applicants often have grades surpassing this minimum, especially for research-based programs.

  • There are around 100 universities in Canada.
  • Not all universities offer Masters/PhDs.
  • Not all universities with Masters/PhDs have your specific course or program.
  • Those offering your program have a quota for admissions.
  • More students apply than the available quota.

Canadian schools typically do not accept HNDs for a Masters/PhD, as they usually require a 4-year BSc Degree. If you have a low BSc grade or OND/HND, consider pursuing a Graduate Certificate (GC) or equivalent, also known as Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) or Graduate Diploma.

For those aiming for a Masters/PhD with a 2:2 grade, it’s challenging but not impossible. Consider building a research and publications portfolio, gaining relevant work experience, applying to lower-ranked schools, taking standardized tests (GMAT/GRE), and preparing strong documents (CV, SOP, Reference letters).

Universities in CANADA that accept 2.2 & HND for Masters and Graduate Studies

Some Canadian schools that have accepted students with low grades for Masters Degrees include:

  1. Saint Mary’s University
  2. University of Regina
  3. Mount Saint Vincent University
  4. Memorial University
  5. Thompson Rivers University
  6. Saint Paul University
  7. Crandall University
  8. Royal Roads University
  9. Bishop’s University
  10. University of Canada West
  11. University of Prince Edward Island
  12. Canadian Mennonite University
  13. Brandon University
  14. York University (for some professional Masters programs)

Remember, Graduate Certificate programs are not just for those with ND/HNDs or low BSc grades. They are practical programs offering hands-on training, and even students with higher grades can pursue them. For a list of Colleges in Ontario, visit here.

Ensure you apply to an approved Designated Learning Institution for eligibility for a Post-graduation work permit if you plan to stay and work in Canada after studying. Check here.

Lastly, as an international student, it’s crucial to apply to an approved Designated Learning Institution for a Post-graduation work permit.

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