Latest Npower news, stipend payment update today 12th December 2023

Chief Philip Agbese commends Minister Betta Edu for pausing N-Power

Imagine you’re building a house, but the foundation is shaky. What do you do? You stop building and fix the foundation first, right? That’s what Nigeria’s new Minister of Poverty Alleviation, Betta Edu, is doing with the N-Power program.

N-Power was supposed to help unemployed Nigerians, but there were problems like unfairness and lack of clear goals. So, Minister Edu decided to hit pause and rebuild the program from scratch. This means stopping it for now, but with the promise of something better in the future.

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Think of it like this: You wouldn’t want to put a fancy roof on a house with a cracked foundation, would you? It wouldn’t be safe or long-lasting. That’s why fixing the base is crucial.

Some people, like the Deputy House Speaker, Chief Philip Agbese are excited about this change. They hope it will lead to a program that truly helps those who need it most. They’re also urging other ministers to follow Edu’s example and fix any broken programs in their areas.

It won’t be easy, but Nigerians are hopeful that Edu can make N-Power a success story. They want a program that’s fair, effective, and helps lift people out of poverty. So, they’re watching closely to see what Edu builds on this new foundation.

Remember, this is just the beginning. The real test will be when the new and improved N-Power program is launched. Will it be everything people are hoping for? Only time will tell.

N-Power Confirms Non-Graduate Program’s Activity While Main Programs Remain Paused

The N-Power scheme has clarified the status of its various programs, emphasizing that the non-graduate program is still ongoing while the main initiatives are currently on hold.

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This information comes amidst an ongoing investigation by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, which is reviewing all programs for transparency and efficiency.

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