NYSC graduation list 2024/2025 – How to check and verify your name online

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program is a mandatory one-year service for all Nigerian graduates, aimed at promoting national unity and integration. Before participating, graduates must complete several registration processes, including being included on the NYSC Graduation List.

What is the NYSC Graduation List?

The NYSC Graduation List is a master list uploaded on the NYSC website by all tertiary institutions in Nigeria. This list includes the names of graduates who have been cleared and deemed eligible to register for the NYSC mobilization process. Essentially, it serves as a confirmation that your institution has approved your participation in the program.

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What is the difference between the NYSC Graduation List and the Senate List?

The NYSC Graduation List and Senate List are often confused, but they have distinct roles:

NYSC Graduation List:

  • Compiled by each institution’s NYSC mobilization officers.
  • Includes graduates cleared by their departments, bursary, and exams and records.
  • Serves as a preliminary list for the NYSC to verify and finalize.

NYSC Senate List

  • Compiled by each university’s academic board.
  • Includes graduates approved by the university senate for the NYSC program.
  • Serves as the official list submitted to the NYSC for inclusion in the NYSC mobilization list.

In simpler terms, Graduation List is like a draft list prepared by your institution while Senate List is the final, official list approved by your university to be sent to the NYSC.

Why are both lists important?

Both the NYSC Graduation List and Senate List play crucial roles in ensuring a smooth and efficient mobilization process:

Graduation List

  • Allows graduates to verify their eligibility early in the process.
  • Helps institutions identify potential issues and address them before submitting the final list.

Senate List

  • Provides the NYSC with the official list of approved graduates.
  • Enables the NYSC to finalize mobilization arrangements and issue call-up letters.

What happens if my name is not on either list?

If your name is not on either list, you will not be eligible to register for the NYSC mobilization process. You should contact your institution’s NYSC mobilization office or academic department to understand the reason for the omission and discuss potential solutions.

How to Check Your Name on the NYSC Graduation List

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program requires all Nigerian graduates to complete one year of service. Before participating, graduates must be included on the NYSC Graduation List. Here’s how to check your name online:

1. Visit the NYSC Portal

Go to the NYSC Portal at https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc1/CheckInstitutionCoursesPCMs.aspx. This is the official platform for accessing NYSC information, including the Graduation List.

2. Select your Batch: Choose the batch you graduated with, for example, Batch A 2023.

3. Specify your Programme

Indicate your program type:

  • College (Monotechnic)
  • HND (Polytechnic)
  • 1st Degree (University)

4. Select your Institution

Choose your university, polytechnic, or other tertiary institution.

5. Select your Course of Study

Specify the specific course you studied.

6. Click “Extract PCM” Button:

Finally, click the “Extract PCM” button. This retrieves the list of graduates for your selected criteria.

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7. Review the List:

The graduate list will display on your screen. Look for your name and pay attention to the “Status” column.

8. Interpret the Status:

Registered: If you have already registered for NYSC, the status will display “Registered”.
Yet To Register: If you have not yet registered, the status will display “Yet To Register”.

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