USA Scholarships For International Students 2024


Pursuing higher education in the USA is a dream for many international students. However, the high cost of tuition and living expenses can make this dream seem unreachable.

Thankfully, numerous scholarships are available for international students to help alleviate this financial burden. This blog post will provide a comprehensive overview of four prominent USA scholarships for international students, all set to be awarded in 2024.

List of USA Scholarships For International Students

Onsi Sawiris Scholarship

Let’s take a look at a remarkable opportunity for Egyptian students, the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship. This esteemed program, bearing the name of the notable Egyptian billionaire Onsi Sawiris, is primarily designed for academically brilliant Egyptian students who have set their sights on earning undergraduate degrees in the USA.
Now, imagine the weight off your shoulders when your full tuition, living expenses, travel costs, and private health insurance are all taken care of! Not to mention, the opportunity to gain a world-class education in various fields such as Engineering, Economics, Political Science, Finance, and Management. The catch? You must exhibit exemplary leadership skills, be actively involved in extracurricular activities, and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5.

The scholarship comes with an understanding that after graduation, you return to Egypt and utilize your newfound knowledge and skills to contribute to the nation’s economic development. This scholarship isn’t just an opportunity, it’s an investment in Egypt’s future leaders. Get ready to take the leap and make a significant impact!



Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Imagine being a part of a global community of scholars hailing from over 155 countries. This is what the Fulbright Foreign Student Program offers, a gateway to achieving your master’s or Ph.D. degrees in the land of opportunities, the United States. This prestigious program does not just cover your tuition and airfare but also ensures a healthy living stipend and health insurance, making your academic journey smoother.

But it’s not all about academics! The Fulbright program has a bigger vision – to create a bridge of understanding between the people of the United States and people from other nations. As a Fulbright scholar, you are expected to be an ambassador of your culture, sharing your unique traditions and customs with your American peers. So, not only do you get to study in the U.S., but you also get to make your country’s voice heard on an international platform.

This scholarship is more than just funding your studies; it’s about nurturing global citizens. If you have a passion for fostering intercultural understanding while advancing your academic pursuits, the Fulbright Foreign Student Program awaits you. Prepare to engage, learn, and lead in the true Fulbright spirit!


AAUW International Fellowship Program

Are you an ambitious woman from outside the USA who dreams of studying in this land of endless opportunities? If so, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) International Fellowship Program might be your golden ticket. Since its inception in 1917, this program has been a beacon of hope for countless international women, fueling their academic aspirations and helping them shatter glass ceilings.

Imagine pursuing your Master’s, Ph.D., or even Postdoctoral research without the constant worry of financial constraints. The AAUW Fellowship caters specifically to women like you who are neither U.S. citizens nor permanent residents. And it’s not just about the finances; the fellowship amounts range from a generous $18,000 for a Master’s degree, up to a whopping $30,000 for a Ph.D., and a cool $20,000 for Postdoctoral research.

But the AAUW is looking for more than just academically inclined women. They are seeking women who demonstrate a strong commitment to uplifting other women and girls, whether it be through civic engagement, community service, or professional endeavors. If you are a woman driven by the goal of gender equality and the empowerment of women, then this fellowship program is designed just for you. Step forward, make your mark, and help pave the way for future generations of empowered women with the AAUW International Fellowship Program. This is not just a scholarship, it’s a revolution!


Clark Global Scholarship Program

Have you ever imagined studying in the U.S. without having to worry about student loans? Enter the Clark Global Scholarship Program. Tailored to international students who have proven their leadership mettle or have a strong commitment to community service, this initiative by Clark University offers a no-loan financing plan.

Yes, you heard it right! You are not expected to pay back a dime. This golden opportunity encompasses complete coverage of tuition fees, on-campus housing, a meal plan, and all mandatory fees for four solid years. But remember, the offer comes with a requirement: to stay eligible for the scholarship, you must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 throughout your course. The Clark Global Scholarship Program isn’t just a funding source; it’s a commitment to fostering future global leaders and change-makers. So if you have the spirit of leadership and a heart for service, gear up! A world-class education without the weight of loans might be just around the corner.


#1: Fully funded USEFP Fulbright Scholarship 2025, USA



Securing a scholarship can truly transform your educational journey, making it more enriching and less burdensome. The Onsi Sawiris Scholarship, Fulbright Foreign Student Program, AAUW International Fellowship Program, and Clark Global Scholarship Program are all remarkable opportunities that offer more than just financial support. They are platforms to learn, grow, contribute, and make an impact on a global scale.

As an aspiring international student, remember that these scholarships are not just about meeting academic requirements; they look for individuals with leadership potential, a drive for community service, and a passion for cultural exchange. Keep in mind that these programs not only value your intellectual capabilities, but also your character, aspirations, and commitment to creating a better world.

In the end, it’s about carving a unique path that contributes to global development while fulfilling your educational dreams in the land of opportunities. So, gather your courage, prepare your applications, and be ready to embark on an extraordinary journey towards becoming a part of the 2024 scholarship awardee cohort. Your dream of studying in the USA is within your reach, and these scholarships are stepping stones to making that dream a reality.

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