University of Cambridge Scholarship For International Students 2024


As an aspiring student, the opportunity to study at one of the world’s most prestigious institutions can be a game-changer. However, for international students, the financial hurdles can often be daunting.

This is where the 2024 Cambridge University Scholarship for International Students comes in. This scholarship aims to alleviate the financial burden, allowing exceptional students from around the globe to unlock their potential at Cambridge University. Let’s explore more about this exciting opportunity.

The Eligibility Criteria For the 2024 Cambridge Scholarship

To get started, it’s essential to first understand the eligibility criteria that the university has set for this esteemed scholarship. Here’s what you need to know:

  • International Status: The scholarship is designed for international students. This means you must be a non-UK resident to be considered eligible.
  • Admission Acceptance: You must have secured a conditional or unconditional offer of admission from Cambridge University for a full-time degree starting in 2024. The scholarship does not apply to part-time degrees, distance learning programs, or courses at other universities.
  • Academic Excellence: Cambridge University is renowned for its academic rigor, and the scholarship is no exception. You must have an outstanding academic record, with the highest grades or equivalent in your respective education system.
  • English Proficiency: As the medium of instruction at Cambridge University is English, you must provide evidence of English language proficiency. This could be through standardized tests like IELTS or TOEFL, or through your previous educational records where the medium of instruction was English.
  • Field of Study: The scholarship is available for almost all fields of study at Cambridge University, except for those courses that are only partially taught at the university or those that are not full-time degrees.
  • Financial Need: The scholarship aims to support students who would otherwise struggle to finance their studies at Cambridge. Therefore, you must demonstrate a need for financial aid in your application.
  • Age Limit: Depending on the course you are applying for, there might be an age limit. Please refer to the specific course guidelines for this detail.

These are the primary eligibility criteria for the 2024 Cambridge University Scholarship for International Students. Remember, meeting these criteria does not guarantee a scholarship. However, they are the first step towards being considered for this incredible opportunity.

Stay tuned as we delve into the application process in the next section, giving you more insights and a step-by-step guide on how to apply for this prestigious scholarship. Your dream of studying at Cambridge University might just be a few steps away!


Degree Level

PhD, MLitt, or specific one-year postgraduate courses.

The Benefits of Being a Cambridge University Scholar

The rewards of becoming a Cambridge University scholar are multifold. Not only does this prestigious scholarship offer a stepping stone towards world-class education, but it also opens a plethora of opportunities for personal and professional growth. Let’s delve into the myriad benefits of being a Cambridge University scholar:

  • Tuition Fee Waiver: One of the most significant advantages of the scholarship is the full or partial tuition fee waiver. This means that scholars can focus on their studies without the worry of tuition fees.
  • Stipend: The scholarship provides a monthly stipend to cover living expenses. This financial support enables scholars to concentrate on their academics without the burden of financial stress.
  • Health Insurance: Scholars also receive health insurance coverage. This helps ensure that the scholars’ health and well-being are taken care of during their study period at Cambridge.
  • Travel Costs: The scholarship may also cover some travel costs, allowing scholars to attend international conferences, workshops, and seminars relevant to their field of study.
  • Academic and Personal Development: Scholars get a unique opportunity to develop their academic skills under the guidance of world-class faculty. They also grow personally, embracing new cultures and broadening their perspectives by interacting with students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Networking Opportunities: Being a Cambridge scholar gives you access to a rich network of academic and industry professionals. These connections can significantly contribute to your future career and research prospects.

It’s essential to remember that the benefits of being a Cambridge University scholar extend beyond the financial support. The knowledge gained, the experiences lived, the relationships built, and the horizons broadened all contribute to an enriching journey of growth and transformation. And who knows, this could be the launching pad to realizing your dreams and making a difference in the world.

How to Apply for Cambridge University Scholarship

Applying for a scholarship at the prestigious Cambridge University can be an exciting but daunting prospect. To navigate the process smoothly, here’s a breakdown of key aspects:


  • Gates Cambridge Scholarship: Available for international applicants pursuing PhD, MLitt, or specific one-year postgraduate courses. Nationality outside the UK is a requirement.
  • Other Cambridge Scholarships: Check the Cambridge Trust website ( for diverse scholarships with varying eligibility criteria based on factors like nationality, subject area, and college affiliation.

Application Process

  • Gates Cambridge: Application opens in September 2023 for entry in 2024-25. Submit a combined application through the University’s Graduate Application Portal, encompassing admission and funding sections (including the Gates Cambridge part).
  • Other Cambridge Scholarships: Deadlines vary depending on the scholarship. Refer to the specific scholarship details on the Cambridge Trust website.

Application Documents Requirements

Gates Cambridge: Required documents include:

  • Transcript of academic record
  • Research proposal or statement of purpose
  • Two academic references
  • One Gates Cambridge reference focusing on scholarship criteria
  • Supporting documents like CV and publications (optional)
  • Other Cambridge Scholarships: Required documents may differ based on the scholarship. Check the specific scholarship page for details.

Selection Criteria

  • Gates Cambridge: Evaluated on academic ability, course justification, commitment to improving lives, and leadership potential.
  • Other Cambridge Scholarships: Criteria vary depending on the scholarship. Refer to the specific scholarship details.



The deadline for this scholarship varies.

Tips for Creating a Standout Cambridge Scholarship Application

Aiming for the 2024 Cambridge University Scholarship requires not only meeting the eligibility criteria but also crafting an application that stands out among the rest. With applicants pouring in from all corners of the world, how do you ensure that your application grabs attention? Fear not! We’re here to share some proven tips to help you create a standout Cambridge Scholarship application:

  • Start Early: One of the keys to a successful scholarship application is starting early. This gives you ample time to gather all necessary documents, craft a stellar personal statement, and meticulously fill out the application form.
  • Understand the Scholarship’s Objectives: Each scholarship has its unique objectives. Understand the goals of the 2024 Cambridge University Scholarship. Tailor your application to demonstrate how you align with these objectives.
  • Highlight Your Achievements: This is not the time to be humble. Highlight your academic and extracurricular achievements. Show the selection committee that you have a proven track record of excellence and commitment.

Applying for the 2024 Cambridge University Scholarship may seem like a monumental task, but keep in mind that it’s a journey well worth the effort. Take these tips to heart as you craft your application, and remember, the world of Cambridge is waiting to welcome bright minds like yours!


Keep in mind the multitude of benefits that come with being a Cambridge scholar – from full or partial tuition waivers to health insurance coverage, a monthly stipend, networking opportunities, global recognition, and so much more. But beyond the tangible rewards, the opportunity to immerse yourself in a rich academic and cultural environment and to learn from world-class faculty is truly unparalleled.

Remember, the world is waiting to hear your unique story, and the journey towards becoming a Cambridge scholar may just be the platform that amplifies your voice. So, buckle up, take a deep breath, and plunge into the application process. Your dream of studying at one of the world’s most prestigious universities might be just a few steps away. The path may seem rigorous, but the destination – a world-class education at Cambridge – is worth every effort.

As you step forward into this exciting phase, we wish you the best of luck. May your journey be enriching, your resolve strong, and your future bright. Here’s to the potential Cambridge scholar in you – may you shine!

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