2025 Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students at Berea College, USA

Are you an international student with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to make a difference? Look no further than Berea College, a top-ranked liberal arts college in the USA, offering life-changing scholarships for the 2025-2026 academic year. Here’s your chance to pursue your undergraduate studies in the USA completely free of tuition fees, accommodation costs, and even meals.


About Berea College

Founded in 1855, Berea College has a rich history as a champion of equal access to education. It was the first institution in the South to admit students of all races and genders, defying the social norms of the time. This spirit of inclusivity continues to define Berea today, making it a welcoming and diverse community for international students like you.

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What sets Berea apart?

  • Full Tuition Coverage: Berea is the only college in the USA that provides 100% financial support to all admitted international students in their first year. This means no tuition fees, no worries about accommodation or meals – Berea takes care of everything!
  • Focus on Excellence: Berea is known for its rigorous academic programs, taught by passionate professors who are dedicated to your success. You’ll be challenged and nurtured, preparing you for a bright future.
  • Work and Learn: Berea believes in the value of practical experience. As part of the college’s unique work program, you’ll work on campus for 10 hours per week. This not only helps you develop valuable work skills but also allows you to save money for your future years at Berea.
  • Global Community: Berea attracts students from all corners of the world, creating a vibrant and enriching multicultural environment. You’ll learn alongside classmates from diverse backgrounds, fostering lifelong friendships and a global perspective.

What are you waiting for?


Berea College’s scholarship program is truly comprehensive, designed to remove financial barriers and allow you to focus on your studies. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

  • First Year Coverage: In your first year, Berea covers all your essential expenses:
  • Tuition Fees: You won’t pay a dime for your academic program.
  • Room and Board: Berea provides comfortable on-campus housing and a meal plan, ensuring you have a safe and well-supported living environment.
  • Additional Expenses: The scholarship even covers some additional costs, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to concentrate on your academic journey.
  • Building Financial Responsibility: For the remaining years of your undergraduate studies (Years 2, 3, and 4), Berea encourages you to develop financial responsibility by saving $1,000 per year. Don’t worry, Berea makes this achievable by offering on-campus summer job opportunities, allowing you to earn money and contribute towards your future semesters.

Financial Aid Beyond the Scholarship:

Beyond the generous scholarship package, Berea College also offers additional financial aid options to international students who demonstrate financial need. This additional support can help cover expenses like travel costs, books, and other miscellaneous fees.

Academic Excellence at Berea

Berea College offers a wide range of undergraduate programs in various fields, including Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Business. With small class sizes and dedicated faculty, you’ll receive personalized attention and guidance throughout your academic journey.

  • Rigorous Curriculum: Berea’s curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire you. You’ll delve deep into your chosen field, developing critical thinking skills, effective communication abilities, and a strong foundation for future success.
  • Faculty Mentorship: Berea professors are passionate about their subjects and committed to your academic growth. You’ll have the opportunity to build close relationships with your professors, seeking guidance and mentorship throughout your studies.
  • Experiential Learning: Berea believes in the importance of learning beyond the classroom. You’ll have access to internships, research opportunities, and study abroad programs, allowing you to gain practical experience and broaden your horizons.

Beyond Academics

Berea College offers more than just exceptional academics. It’s a vibrant community that fosters personal growth and global awareness. Here’s what you can expect outside the classroom:

  • Work Program: As mentioned earlier, the college’s work program provides you with valuable on-campus work experience, allowing you to develop work skills, contribute to the college community, and earn money towards your future semesters.
  • Campus Life: Berea boasts a lively campus with numerous student organizations, clubs, and activities. You’ll have the opportunity to explore your interests, connect with like-minded individuals, and make lifelong friendships with students from all over the world.
  • Global Citizenship: Berea fosters a strong sense of global citizenship. You’ll be encouraged to engage in intercultural dialogue, learn from diverse perspectives, and develop the skills to make a positive impact on the world.

Eligibility and Application Process

The Berea College scholarship program is open to international students from all countries. Here’s how you can apply and take the first step towards your academic dream:

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a citizen of a country other than the USA.
  • Demonstrate strong academic performance in your previous studies.
  • Possess a strong command of the English language (as evidenced by standardized test scores).
  • Be committed to Berea’s core values of service, diversity, and interracial education.

Application Process:

The application process is straightforward and can be completed online. Here’s what you’ll need to submit:

  • Completed Online Application Form (Free of charge)
  • Personal Essay (2-5 pages): Showcase your academic journey, future goals, and how you plan to contribute to your community after graduation.
  • Official Transcripts: Submit translated copies of your academic records from previous institutions.
  • Standardized Test Scores: Demonstrate your English language proficiency through scores from IELTS, Duolingo English Test, TOEFL iBT, SAT, or ACT (specific score requirements are outlined in the application materials).
  • Teacher Recommendation: A recommendation from a teacher who knows you well can strengthen your application.
  • Financial Aid Recommendation Form: A completed form by someone familiar with your financial background (excluding a close relative).

Important Deadlines:


Application deadlines vary, so be sure to check the official Berea College website for the most up-to-date information.

  • Applications for the 2025-2026 academic year open in early fall 2024. Make sure to check Berea College’s official website ( for the exact application opening date and deadlines.
  • The application deadline is typically in mid-January of the year you wish to enroll (January 15, 2025, for the 2025-2026 academic year). Don’t wait until the last minute – plan ahead and submit your application well before the deadline.


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