Labor Jobs in Qatar with Visa Sponsorship April 2024 —Apply Now

Many people who are not highly trained or skilled are looking for jobs in Qatar. However, they often struggle to find where to apply or how to go about it. If you are someone looking for a job in Qatar and need a visa sponsor, this page is for you. It provides all the details you need to apply directly for jobs in Qatar, and it even covers the costs of your visa.

Job Information

  • Job Title: Labour jobs
  • Country: Qatar
  • Requirements: No prior knowledge or experience needed
  • Minimum Age: 21-35 years
  • Visa Sponsorship: Available

Advantages of Labor Jobs in Qatar

  • Visa Assistance: The company will help you get the necessary legal papers for work and residency, making the process easier.
  • Stability: Labor jobs offer regular work hours and a reliable source of income.
  • Pay & Income: Even without high skills, these jobs can provide enough to cover living expenses, especially in Qatar where living standards are high.
  • Possibility of Savings: Sponsored jobs might allow you to save money, considering the lower cost of living in Qatar compared to your home country.
  • Learning Opportunities: Labor jobs provide practical skills and real-world experience, helping you grow in a specific field or industry.
  • Cultural Exposure: Working in Qatar allows you to experience different cultures, broadening your perspective.
  • Networking: Building relationships with colleagues and industry experts can open doors to future opportunities.
  • Health and Safety: Reputable employers follow strict health and safety standards, ensuring a safe work environment.
  • Advancement Opportunities: Entry-level roles may lead to promotions or advancements within the company.
  • Contributing to Growth: Working in Qatar means actively contributing to the nation’s growth and development.

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Popular Labor Jobs in Qatar

  1. Bus/ Taxi/ Truck drivers
  2. Housekeepers
  3. Chefs
  4. Mechanics
  5. Medical Practitioners
  6. Healthcare assistants/ Nurses/ Physician assistants
  7. Agriculture workers
  8. Hotel Staff/ Hospitality services
  9. Construction Worker
  10. Steel fixers/ fabricators/ platers
  11. Carpenters
  12. Masons (Brick)
  13. Plumbers
  14. Electricians
  15. Finishing Carpenters
  16. Welders
  17. Heavy equipment operators/ Technicians
  18. Laundry workers
  19. Office/ Restaurant/ Home Cleaners
  20. Factory workers
  21. Security Guards
  22. Quantity Surveyors
  23. Refuse Collectors

Requirements for Labor Jobs in Qatar

Finding work in Qatar as a visa sponsor is simple. While requirements may vary, reputable businesses often ask for a high school degree and a clean criminal and medical record.

Average Salary of Labor Jobs in Qatar


The average gross salary for a full-time general laborer in Qatar ranges from 1185 QAR to 1294 QAR, depending on the industry, location, experience, and qualifications.

Places to Find Jobs in Qatar

  • Jobs in Qatar
  • Naukri Gulf
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor.com
  • Bayt.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Average Qatari Laborer Salary?

The average gross salary for a full-time general laborer in Qatar ranges from 1185 QAR to 1294 QAR.

Is a visa for Qatar now available?


Citizens of 102 countries can enter for free or apply for an e-visa through the Hayya platform.

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How can I receive a job offer from Qatar?

Submit a cover letter and resume, have a phone and in-person interview, and negotiate the details of your job offer if selected.

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