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This guide is here to help you learn more about becoming a truck driver in Manitoba. We’ll cover what you need, how to get started, and what makes this career a great choice.


After making the list for potential truck drivers, it’s important to get the right training and licenses. This will set you apart from others and increase your chances of getting hired.

What Truck Drivers Do

Truck drivers have a big responsibility – they move different things like cars, finished goods, and farm produce from one place to another. They also play a crucial role in taking products from where they’re made to stores and other places where they’re needed. Planning delivery times, figuring out the best routes, and making sure the trucks are safe and working well are all part of the job.


But, it’s not all easy. Truck drivers need to be aware of the risks. Driving big, heavy loads over long distances means they have to be extra careful to keep the cargo safe. That’s why getting an education is important if you want to be a truck driver.

What You Need:

To become a truck driver in Manitoba, you can take a 244-hour Professional Truck Driver Training program from private institutions. This program meets the requirements, and once you finish it, you can arrange a road test and apply for a class 1 license. Other truck driver training programs might not meet these criteria.

Why Truck Driving in Manitoba is Great:

  • Always in Demand: Manitoba needs truck drivers all the time. This means good job opportunities for those who want to work in this field.
  • Good Pay: Truck driving jobs in Manitoba usually come with good pay. If you have experience and know your stuff, you might even get paid more, especially if you specialize in certain types of cargo or long distances.
  • Job Security: Truck drivers always have a job because there’s always a need to move things around. This makes the job stable and secure.
  • Grow in Your Career: Truck drivers can choose different paths in the transportation industry. You might become a dispatcher, a fleet manager, or even start your own transportation company.
  • Flexible Work: Depending on your job, you might get flexible work hours. Some drivers like long-distance routes with long commutes, while others prefer local or regional routes with more regular schedules.
  • Independence: Truck drivers value being independent. You can set your own hours and schedules as long as you get your deliveries done.

Extra Good Stuff:

  • Travel Opportunities: Long-haul truck driving lets you explore different places. If you like seeing new things and traveling, this job might be perfect.
  • Benefits from Your Boss: Many trucking companies offer health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks to keep good drivers.
  • Quick Training: Compared to some other jobs, becoming a truck driver doesn’t take a lot of time. This means you can start earning money and working sooner.
  • Helping the Economy: Truck drivers do an important job. By moving goods efficiently, they help the economy grow.
  • Nice Trucks: Some trucking companies have modern and comfortable trucks for their drivers.
  • Enjoy the Scenery: Manitoba has beautiful routes, so you get to enjoy great views while driving.

What You’ll Do as a Truck Driver:

  • Drive and operate trucks.
  • Check trucks before starting a trip.
  • Pick up goods and supplies.
  • Make sure the loads are correct.
  • Load and unload cargo.

Skills You Need:

  • Know a bit about how trucks work.
  • Keep things tidy and organized.
  • Take charge when needed.

How Much You Can Earn:


A truck driver in Manitoba can make anywhere from CA$47,000 to CA$76,000 in a year.

Types of Truck Driving Jobs:

  1. Transport Truck Drivers:
    • They work for companies that send things across the country.
    • Salary: CA$48,000 to CA$79,000.
  2. Delivery Truck Drivers:
    • They bring food to homes and businesses.
    • Salary: CA$33,000 to CA$66,000.
  3. Recycling Truck Driver:
    • They operate garbage trucks and help with recycling.

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Questions People Ask:


Is there a need for truck drivers in Manitoba?
Yes, according to the Manitoba Labour Market Outlook, there’s a big need for truck drivers, and it’s expected to continue.

Is there a truck driver shortage in Canada?
Yes, Canada needs more than 17,000 new truck drivers every year until 2025. So, it’s a good time to get into this field.


What’s the age limit for Canadian truck drivers?
You need to be between thirty and fifty-five years old and be fluent in French or English to be eligible.

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