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Your job is to get the supplies, check if the loads are right, and deliver them like the instructions say. You also need to unload and load the cargo. Plus, you’ve got to keep the car in good shape and follow all the safety rules all the time.

Job Alert: Care Responder – North Dublin

  • Work Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm
  • Guaranteed Pay: 30 hours per week

If you like helping people, this is the gig for you! Care Responders in North Dublin do important work. You’re like a backup medical assistant, working five days a week during the set hours to cover shifts and help the team.

We help all kinds of people, from older folks who need company to those with long-term health issues who need special care.

Why You Should Jump on This Chance:

  • It’s a cool place to work where you can be creative
  • You get great support from the managers and supervisors
  • You’ll have set shifts and regular hours
  • They pay well
  • All travel costs are covered
  • You can learn more and grow within the company
  • Free training and orientation are provided
  • They give you free medical supplies and a name badge

What You Need:

  • Be really good at talking to people
  • Speak and write English well
  • Have a driver’s license that works in Europe or Ireland

Apply Here

Driving Jobs Available!

HGV Driver


They’re looking for drivers who can:

  • Have a valid driver’s license for big trucks
  • Need a special card and certificate for driving
  • Have at least six months of experience driving big trucks
  • Drive safe and follow the rules
  • Take care of the truck and do safety checks
  • Be a team player and help out
  • Follow the rules about how much you can drive
  • Know a bit about fixing trucks
  • Speak English okay for safety training
What You Get:

Work for DHL, and you get good stuff:

  • 20 days of paid vacation
  • A pension plan for later
  • Discounts at stores
  • Chances to learn more and grow
  • And more!
What to Do Next:

If you’re ready for a new job and you’ve done stuff like this before, apply online. Send your resume too!

They promise to be fair and open about everything. They want to make sure the person they pick is really good at what they do.

Apply Here

Why Truck Driving Jobs in Europe are Awesome:

  • Get Paid Well: Truck drivers in Europe make good money, and it can be even better based on what you’re hauling and how far you go.
  • Keep Your Job: Lots of places need truck drivers, so you’ll probably always find work if you’re good at it.
  • See New Places: Driving a truck lets you travel and explore different parts of Europe.
  • Choose When You Work: You can pick hours that suit you, even if they’re late at night or on weekends.
  • Work on Your Own: Truck drivers often work alone and have some freedom on the road.
  • Health Benefits: Some trucking companies give you extras like health insurance and gym memberships.
  • Use Cool Tech: There are new gadgets to make your job easier, like GPS and communication devices.

More Good Stuff:

  • Different Places to Work: Drive all kinds of stuff in different places, from cities to countryside.
  • Move Up in Your Career: Start as a driver and maybe become a manager one day.
  • Steady Jobs: The trucking industry is a big part of the economy, so there’s always a need for good drivers.

Final Thoughts:


Whether you’re into big trucks or helping people, jobs in 2024 in Europe have something for everyone. Truck driving and care responder roles offer good pay, chances to move up, and the satisfaction of doing important work. Take the next step and apply now!

Questions You Might Have:

What Do I Need to Work as a Care Responder?


You should have at least two years of experience helping people, a special certification, know CPR, and be good at talking to folks.

How Can I Be a Truck Driver for DHL?


You need a license for big trucks, a special driving card, at least six months of driving experience, and know some English. Apply online if you’re interested!

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