Top 10 Jobs in Canada for Foreigners Without Experience Requirements 2024


There are tons of jobs in Canada right now (over a million!), even if you don’t have experience. Many companies need people with different skills, from doctors to truck drivers and farmers, to keep Canada’s economy strong.

Finding jobs in Canada without experience can be tough, but this list can help you get started. It’s not a list of specific openings, but rather ideas to spark your search. You can also find more jobs on websites like Indeed, Jobbank, and LinkedIn.

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Top 10 Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2024

1. Caregivers

Helping seniors live comfortably at home is a rewarding job. Companies like Home Instead Senior Care provide training, and you don’t need experience. Just have a driver’s license, be polite, patient, and speak English and French. A clean record is important. Annual salary range: $27,300 to $34,125

2. Dishwashers


Keeping things clean in places like schools and hospitals is essential. Compass Group Canada hires dishwashers with an annual pay of $26,000 to $32,561. No prior experience is necessary.

3. Kitchen Assistants

Max’s Restaurant in Vancouver needs kitchen assistants. You don’t need experience – just take orders, clear dishes, and follow hygiene rules. It’s a good opportunity to start.

4. Housekeeping Jobs

Hyatt Regency Vancouver is a famous hotel. They hire for housekeeping jobs, and they provide training. No experience is needed. Just keep things tidy and follow their service standards.

5. Cleaners

The Ontario Science Center is looking for cleaners. You don’t need experience, but you should be good at cleaning and have basic computer skills. The pay is $16,400 to $52,200 per year.

6. General Laborers

Miska Trailer Factory is hiring general laborers. You don’t need experience, but you should be good with your hands and understand English. They offer steady work and regular hours.

7. Temporary Nursery Workers

Eagle Rock Division in Vancouver hires temporary nursery workers. It’s a physical job collecting cones in forests, but no experience is required. They provide training and it’s a steady job.

8. Cashiers

Surprisingly, being a cashier is a job in Canada. Valu-Mart in Toronto is looking for cashiers. If you’re friendly and can handle cash, it’s a good opportunity with an annual pay between $29,441 and $34,701.

9. Residential Drivers

Garbage Management needs residential drivers. If you’re at least eighteen, have a clean driving record, and no criminal history, you can apply. It’s a job with an annual pay between $29,250 and $44,080.

10. Packers

Rich Products Corporation in Erie, Ontario, needs packers for their food products. You don’t need experience, and the pay ranges from $22,880 to $41,600 per year.

Benefits of Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

Working in Canada has many advantages. There are diverse job opportunities, a high standard of life with good healthcare and education. Canada values diversity, and you’ll enjoy a safe and stable environment with good work benefits and labor rights.

Additional Benefits

For families, Canada offers excellent education. You’ll also get to enjoy Canada’s beautiful nature and a good work-life balance. There’s a chance to become a permanent resident, and being bilingual in English and French can boost your career. Canada also invests in research and innovation, offering opportunities in various fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I look for work in Canada?
After studying, you can apply for a work permit. Even if your permit expires, you can still get a new one.

In Canada, what is the most in-demand job?
Jobs in science, technology, and healthcare are usually in demand across the country.

Which industry in Canada has the easiest job market?
Getting a degree in computer science or information technology can help you find a job faster in Canada. They need more IT specialists, web developers, and programmers.

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