The Young and the Restless 2-29-24 Full episode & Spoilers, Y&R 29th February 2024

The Young and the Restless 2-29-24 Spoilers, Y&R 29th February 2024

Genoa City Heats Up: The Young and the Restless Spoilers (February 26 – March 1, 2024)


Get ready for a week filled with family drama, unexpected alliances, and hidden agendas in Genoa City! From February 26th to March 1st, The Young and the Restless promises exciting developments that will leave you guessing. So, mark your calendars and dive into the latest spoilers!

Monday, February 26th: The week kicks off with Jack and Traci brainstorming solutions to help Ashley navigate the challenges she’s facing. Meanwhile, Tucker makes a bold promise to Audra, raising questions about his intentions. And in a separate conflict, Esther tries to mediate the tension between Billy and Devon, urging them to find common ground.

Tuesday, February 27th: Audra confronts Ashley about their past, seeking closure on unresolved issues. Elsewhere, Phyllis and Amanda reconnect, forging a new bond based on their shared history. The episode culminates with Jack issuing an ultimatum to Tucker, forcing him to choose a side.

Wednesday, February 28th: Victor schemes against Jordan, enlisting Claire as his pawn in a dangerous trap. Meanwhile, Ashley encounters a disturbing situation that leaves her shaken, and Victoria grapples with a difficult decision that could have far-reaching consequences.

Thursday, February 29th: Victor and Victoria strike a deal regarding Claire’s involvement in his plan. Devon remains firm in his stance, refusing to back down from his position. And Chelsea’s patience wears thin as Adam’s behavior continues to cause problems.


Friday, March 1st: Victor reassures Victoria with a promise that sparks speculation. Meanwhile, Nikki receives shocking news that throws her for a loop. Finally, Phyllis approaches Danny with an intriguing proposition, leaving him wondering what she has in store.

This week promises to be filled with twists and turns as old rivalries resurface, hidden motives come to light, and new alliances form. Will Ashley overcome her challenges? What is Victor’s true endgame? And will Phyllis’ offer to Danny lead him down a dangerous path? Tune in to The Young and the Restless next week to find out!

The Young and the Restless 2-29-24 Full episode, Y&R 29th February 2024

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