Congratulations! How to Collect Your R350 SASSA Grant at Pick n Pay

Need some help getting your hands on your R350 grant? Don’t worry, collecting it at Pick n Pay is easier than you might think! This guide will walk you through everything you need to do, step-by-step, so you can grab your money with confidence.

What You’ll Need

Before heading to Pick n Pay, make sure you have these two important things:

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  • Your ID: This can be either your original South African government ID card (not a copy!) or your driver’s license.
  • Your Phone: This should be the same phone number you registered with SASSA when you applied for the grant. Make sure it’s charged and ready to receive messages.

Finding the Right Pick n Pay

SASSA won’t send your money to just any Pick n Pay store. You’ll receive a special message (often an SMS) telling you exactly which store you need to go to. Don’t try to be clever and go to a different one – they won’t be able to help you there!

Where to Go?

Once you’re at the right Pick n Pay, look for an open cashier. These are the friendly folks who usually help you ring up your groceries. Don’t be shy – head on over and let them know you’re there to collect your R350 grant.

How to Collect Your R350 SASSA Grant at Pick n Pay A Step-by-Step Breakdown

Here’s where things get interesting! Here’s what happens when you talk to the cashier:

  1. Tell them you’d like to collect your R350 grant.
  2. They’ll ask for your ID and the phone number you used on your application. Make sure you have both of these handy.
  3. Get ready for a message on your phone! You’ll receive a special message called a USSD code. This might look a little strange, but don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe.
  4. The message will ask your permission to release the money to you. It’s like a little security check to make sure it’s really you collecting your grant.
  5. Say Yes! This is the most important part. The cashier can help you with this, whether it’s pressing a button or typing in a number on your phone. Don’t worry, they’ve seen this before and can guide you through it.
  6. Once you approve the message, it’s money time! The cashier will hand you your R350 grant in cash.

Important Reminders: Don’t Get Caught Out!

Now that you know the process, here are a few key things to remember to avoid any hiccups:

  • Your Phone Only: This might seem obvious, but you can’t use someone else’s phone to collect your grant. Even if your friend is super nice and offers, the message will only work on the phone number registered with SASSA.
  • Wait for the Right Date: Don’t get too excited and rush down to Pick n Pay before the date given in your SASSA message. They won’t be able to give you your money early, so be patient.
  • The Chosen Store Only: Remember, you can only collect your grant at the specific Pick n Pay store SASSA tells you to go to. It won’t be available at every Pick n Pay location, so double-check that message!

Feeling confident?

By following these simple steps, collecting your R350 grant at Pick n Pay should be a breeze. Now you can head out and enjoy your well-deserved money!

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Additional Tips for a Smooth Collection:

  • Dress comfortably: Standing in line can sometimes take a few minutes, so wear something you feel good in.
  • Bring a shopping bag (optional): If you plan on doing some shopping after collecting your grant, bring a reusable bag to help you carry everything.
  • Be patient: Especially during peak times, there might be a few people ahead of you in line. Relax, take a deep breath, and remember your money is waiting for you!
  • Ask for help if needed: The cashiers at Pick n Pay are there to assist you. If you’re unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to ask them a question.


You’ve successfully collected your R350 grant. Now you can use that money for groceries, bills, or anything else you need. Remember, this grant is there to help you, so spend it wisely!

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