Good News as New US Immigration Rules Offer Faster Green Cards and Easier Visa Applications

The US immigration system has recently undergone some significant changes, particularly regarding Green Card rules and visa interview procedures. Let’s break down these changes in simpler terms:

Green Card Changes

  • Relaxation of Trump-era rules: Stricter Green Card requirements implemented during former President Trump’s administration are being reversed by the Biden administration. This includes eliminating Form I-944, also known as the “Declaration of Self-Sufficiency.”
  • End of “Public Charge Rule:” This controversial rule made it harder for immigrants who used certain public benefits, like food stamps, to obtain legal status. Its abolishment signifies a shift towards a more compassionate approach.
  • Faster Green Card processing: Removing Form I-944 is expected to streamline processing, potentially reducing wait times for Green Cards.
  • USCIS updates its procedures: The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has adjusted its protocols to reflect the rule changes. New applications no longer require Form I-944, and pending applications won’t be affected by previously submitted forms under the repealed rule.
  • Second chance for denied applications: Those previously denied due to the Public Charge Rule and requested to provide evidence related to it can now disregard that request. However, they still need to respond to other aspects of the denial notice.
  • Future guidance for denials: USCIS plans to release further instructions for those negatively impacted by the repealed rule, potentially allowing them to resubmit their applications.

Expansion of Interview Waiver Eligibility for Visa Applicants:

  • Previously, most applicants needed in-person interviews: Traditionally, individuals seeking US visas from foreign consulates had to undergo biometrics and an in-person interview. However, some exceptions existed for visa renewals.
  • More applicants can now skip interviews: This policy expansion, initiated by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, allows consular officials to temporarily waive the interview requirement for certain applicants. This aims to reduce wait times and maintain processing efficiency while balancing public health concerns by limiting in-person interactions.
  • COVID-19 considerations: The pandemic played a role in this expansion. By reducing in-person interviews, the policy aims to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission between consular staff and applicants.
  • Travelers should check consulate websites: The US Department of State advises applicants to visit their nearest US embassy or consulate website for details on available services, interview waiver eligibility requirements, and instructions on applying for visas without an interview.


These changes represent a significant shift towards a more flexible and humane approach to US immigration. They aim to streamline Green Card processing, provide greater access to visa applications, and prioritize public health during the ongoing pandemic. This revised approach holds promise for a more efficient and compassionate immigration system in the US.

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