General Hospital 2-29-24 Full episode & Spoilers, GH 29th February 2024

General Hospital 2-29-24 Spoilers GH 29th February 2024

Port Charles Prepares for a Week of Turmoil: General Hospital Spoilers (February 26 – March 1, 2024)


Buckle up, Port Charles residents, because the week of February 26th promises to be one for the books on General Hospital! From Monday’s mysterious mission to Friday’s shocking revelations, get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, secrets, and potential game-changers.

Monday, February 26th: The week kicks off with intrigue as Sonny throws Spinelli a curveball. What is this mysterious task he entrusts the tech whiz with? Meanwhile, Blaze’s life takes an unexpected turn with the arrival of her mother, Natalia. Will this reunion be tearful or tense? Elsewhere, Nina makes a desperate plea to Ava, seeking her help in a situation that has left her ostracized. But will Carly, still suspicious of the enigmatic John, approve of this alliance? And speaking of John, he catches the attention of Curtis, who offers words of encouragement to Drew. Will this be enough to lift his spirits amidst the recent turmoil?

Tuesday, February 27th: Brace yourselves for emotional confrontations as Nina attempts to defend her actions to Sonny. Will he be swayed by her justifications, or will their relationship remain fractured? Meanwhile, Drew seeks solace in Carly’s presence, confiding in her about his struggles. On another front, Blaze faces a pivotal moment with her mother, Natalia. Will their relationship heal, or will old wounds resurface? And the sparks continue to fly between Maxie and Spinelli as their connection deepens. Will this blossom into something more?

Wednesday, February 28th: Get ready for some lighthearted fun as Maxie, Tracy, and Lois join forces to help Brook Lynn find the perfect wedding dress. Will they find the gown of her dreams, or will chaos ensue? Meanwhile, Chase feels the need to clear the air about a secret that is weighing heavily on him. Will he finally come clean, or will his silence continue to cause problems? The tension remains high as Carly fills Sonny in on her tense encounter with John, leaving him questioning the newcomer’s motives. And Josslyn’s search for Dex intensifies, leading her down a path of mystery and intrigue. Finally, John’s unexpected meeting with Scott raises eyebrows. What could this cunning duo be up to?

Thursday, February 29th: Dante steps in as a mediator as he tries to ease a heated conflict. Who is at odds, and will his intervention be successful? Meanwhile, Sonny takes matters into his own hands, confronting John head-on and demanding answers. Will John reveal his true intentions, or will he remain shrouded in secrecy? On the romantic front, Brook Lynn reassures Chase, calming his nerves and offering him support. However, Lois and Tracy’s differences come to a head as they engage in a tense confrontation. And Finn and Elizabeth take a moment to discuss their future, sharing their hopes and dreams for what lies ahead. Will their bond grow stronger, or will unforeseen obstacles test their relationship?


Friday, March 1st: Prepare for a week of cliffhangers as Felicia drops a bombshell confession that could have far-reaching consequences. What truth will she reveal, and how will it impact the lives of those around her? The plot thickens further as Dante unearths a surprising connection that throws everyone off balance. Will this discovery lead to new alliances or deepen existing divides? Meanwhile, Anna and John attempt to settle their differences, but will they be able to reach an understanding, or will their animosity continue to simmer? And the secret plan that Sonny and Spinelli hatch takes shape, with Ava being looped in. What are they up to, and will their covert operation succeed? Finally, Blaze and Kristina share a game-changing revelation, leaving everyone wondering what the future holds for them.

Don’t miss a single episode of General Hospital as these explosive storylines unfold next week! With a mix of mystery, romance, and potential betrayals, this week promises to be one for the ages. Will Nina regain Sonny’s trust? What secrets does John hold? Tune in to witness the drama, suspense, and potential romance that awaits in Port Charles!

General Hospital 2-29-24 Full episode, GH 29th February 2024

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