Farm Worker Jobs In Romania with Visa Sponsorship (€600 monthly) | Apply Now


Are you ready to embark on a fulfilling journey working in agriculture in Romania? If you possess a robust physique and a willingness to embrace hard work, farmworker positions might be the perfect fit for you.


These roles cater to individuals with varying skill levels, offering a gateway to employment without the necessity of a formal degree. Notably, some Romanian employers are open to sponsoring visa applications, making it accessible for international candidates.

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Farmworker Jobs in Romania: What You Need to Know


  • Location: Romania
  • Experience Required: Yes
  • Knowledge Level: Not High
  • Age Limit: None
  • Visa Sponsorship: Available with some employers
  • Relocation: Provided
  • Accommodation: Provided
  • Salary: €550 monthly


To secure a farm labourer position in Romania, applicants must meet certain criteria:

  • Possession of a valid passport with ample validity beyond the intended stay.
  • Completion of a work visa application, potentially aided by the employer.
  • Presentation of an employment contract from a Romanian sponsor.
  • Acquisition of health insurance coverage.
  • Clean criminal record verification.
  • Possible medical examination.
  • Prior agricultural experience (beneficial but not mandatory).
  • Language proficiency, depending on job specifications.
  • Adherence to Romanian immigration regulations.
  • Demonstrated willingness to work diligently.


Embracing farmwork in Romania comes with numerous advantages:

  • Accessibility for unskilled individuals.
  • Promotion of work-life balance.
  • Provision of safety equipment.
  • Meal vouchers and transportation.
  • Overtime compensation and retirement benefits.
  • Opportunities for professional advancement.

Additional Benefits:

  • Connection to nature and rural tranquility.
  • Encouragement of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Exposure to fresh air and outdoor environments.
  • Skill enhancement in various agricultural tasks.
  • Fostering of a supportive community atmosphere.
  • Immersion in Romanian agricultural traditions.
  • Access to locally sourced produce.
  • Seasonal diversity and skill development.
  • Contribution to Romania’s food supply.
  • Job security within the agricultural sector.

Types of Farmworker Jobs:

A range of farm occupations awaits prospective workers in Romania, including:

  • Agricultural labourers
  • Livestock handlers and machinery operators
  • Irrigation specialists
  • Poultry workers
  • Agricultural technicians
  • Agricultural supervisors
  • Field workers
  • Fruit picking and packing workers

How to Apply:

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In Conclusion:

Embarking on a farmworker journey in Romania opens doors to a rewarding career in agriculture. Whether you’re an entry-level worker or seeking professional growth, these roles offer invaluable experiences. From lodging to professional development, farmwork in Romania blends practicality with cultural immersion, promising a fulfilling lifestyle amidst nature’s embrace.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Eligibility Criteria:

Farm labourer positions in Romania are tailored for physically fit individuals with a strong work ethic. Most roles accommodate unskilled applicants, with potential visa sponsorship opportunities.


Farmworker positions in Romania boast an array of benefits, including accommodation, meal provisions, transportation, and avenues for career advancement. Additionally, workers enjoy the serenity of rural life and contribute to Romania’s agricultural heritage.

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