Easy ways to resize & merge your Canadian Visa documents


Before I start this article, I will like to remind you incase you have forgotten that the size of each document you want to upload for your Visa application cannot be more than 4MB. Having said that, let’s dive into the details of how you can resize & merge your Canadian Visa documents.

Struggling to keep your files within size limits? This article offers tips for merging, converting, and reducing various file formats to achieve optimum file size. This tips can also be used in other country’s visa application documents or any document you want to reduce the size.

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For PDFs format

  • Optimize for small size: When saving, choose the “lowest file size” option available in your software.
  • Image resolution matters: Save embedded images at a resolution of 96 DPI (dots per inch) for web use.
  • Remove any unnecessary images that don’t contribute to the content.

For JPGs format

  • Scan smarter: Scan documents at a lower resolution (e.g., 300 DPI for print, 72 DPI for web).
  • Crop images to remove empty space around the main content.
  • Shrink the image dimensions while maintaining acceptable quality.
  • Quality settings: Consider reducing JPG image quality for smaller file sizes, but be mindful of visual impact.

For TIFF/PNGs format

  • Scan efficiently: Scan documents at lower resolutions appropriate for your needs.
  • Crop it tight: Remove empty spaces around the image content.
  • Shrink it down: Reduce image dimensions while maintaining acceptable quality.
  • Format swap: Consider saving files in JPG format for smaller sizes, especially for web use.

For DOC/DOCX format

  • Clean up your content: Remove unnecessary images, formatting elements, and macros.
  • Upgrade your format: Save your file as the latest Word version for improved compression.
  • Optimize images: Reduce the file size of images before adding them to your document.
  • Need to merge, convert, or compress?

Here are some handy tools to help you manage your files, for PDF Editors I recommend: I love PDF, Small PDF, PDF2Go, Soda PDF, Online2PDF, Adobe Acrobat.

For File Compressors use WinRAR, 7-Zip, PeaZip

Remember, the best approach depends on your specific file type, quality requirements, and desired file size. Experiment with different techniques to find the optimal balance for your needs.

DISCLAIMER: Be cautious when using FREE online platforms for confidential documents. Free online platforms pose significant risks for storing confidential documents. They may have limited security measures, data breaches can occur, and you may lose control over your information. Use only trusted, paid services for sensitive documents.

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