Days of our Lives 2-29-24 Full episode & Spoilers, DOOL 29th February 2024

Days of our Lives 2-29-24 Spoilers, DOOL 29th February 2024

Salem Braces for Suspense and Second Chances: Days of Our Lives Spoilers (February 26 – March 1, 2024)


Get ready for a week filled with awakenings, revelations, and shocking twists on Days of Our Lives! From Monday, February 26th, to Friday, March 1st, Salem residents face life-altering decisions, buried secrets rise to the surface, and love finds a way, even amidst the chaos.

Monday, February 26th: The week kicks off with a bombshell. Harris wakes from his coma, and Rafe wastes no time grilling him. Ava is overjoyed, while Stefan hides his anxiety. Meanwhile, Marlena delves into Everett’s past with Stephanie observing intently. On another front, Tripp tries to calm Wendy during a panic attack.

Tuesday, February 27th: Everett drops a truth bomb on Chad about Bobby, leaving him reeling. Meanwhile, Kayla delivers devastating news to Paulina’s loved ones, and Johnny visits Holly as she remains unconscious. In a heartwarming moment, Nicole and EJ bond while keeping watch over Holly.

Wednesday, February 28th: Alex and Kristen compare notes on their tangled relationships with Theresa and Brady. Speaking of which, Theresa and Brady try to mend fences with Tate. Hopeful news arrives as Nicole and EJ rejoice at Holly waking up. Elsewhere, Sarah defends Xander to EJ, while Chad comforts Stephanie who’s troubled by Everett’s past.

Thursday, February 29th: Ava and Steve get an update on Tripp and Wendy, who find solace in their imaginations. Lani and Eli return to Salem to support Paulina, and Eric surprises Sloan with a romantic gesture. Meanwhile, Stefan receives a chilling order from Clyde that could have deadly consequences.


Friday, March 1st: Brady and Theresa visit Tate in his new Salem halfway house, offering support. Holly demands answers from Nicole and EJ about her coma, desperate for the truth. Steve finally confronts Konstantin with the truth, and Stefan races to the hospital with a sinister mission: to silence Harris forever.

Will Stefan follow Clyde’s orders? Can Holly learn the truth about her coma? Will Paulina recover? Tune in to Days of Our Lives next week for answers, second chances, and shocking developments! Don’t miss a single episode as the drama unfolds in Salem!

Days of our Lives 2-29-24 Full episode, DOOL 29th February 2024

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