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Gear up for the highly anticipated Bank of Industry (BOI) recruitment drive and turn your career aspirations into reality. This article will guide you in the application process with confidence, securing your spot in BOI’s dynamic team.

Forget middlemen and backdoor deals. This article will equips you with the official steps to submit your application directly through the BOI portal. Take control of your journey and showcase your skills directly to the decision-makers.

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Since 1959, the Bank of Industry (BOI) has been the driving force behind Nigeria’s industrial growth. As the country’s oldest and largest Development Finance Institution (DFI), BOI plays a crucial role in nurturing businesses across all sizes, from fledgling startups to established players.


Jointly owned by the Central Bank of Nigeria, private shareholders, and the Ministry of Finance Incorporated, BOI leverages both public and private expertise to fuel industrial expansion. This unique partnership ensures sustainable operations and long-term impact.

BOI’s commitment extends beyond simply offering loans. They provide a comprehensive suite of financial solutions, including term and working capital loans, savings accounts, leasing services, and even trustee services. Additionally, BOI offers vital business support, helping entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of starting and growing a successful venture.

Aligned with Nigeria’s Industrial Revolution Plan and Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP), BOI prioritizes investments in key sectors vital to national development. From light manufacturing and creative industries to agro-processing, solid minerals, and engineering, BOI fuels diversification and creates a robust, adaptable economy.

BOI leads a thriving ecosystem of subsidiaries, each specializing in specific areas. BOI Investment Trust Company (BOI-ITC) focuses on equity investments, while BOI-Microfinance Bank Limited (BOI-MFD) caters to the needs of micro-entrepreneurs. BOI Insurance Brokers (BOI-IB) Limited and LECON Financial Services further strengthen the support network with risk management and advisory services.

Under the leadership of Managing Director Olukayode Pitan, BOI continues to innovate and grow. With a clear vision for Nigeria’s industrial future, BOI empowers entrepreneurs, fosters job creation, and drives sustainable economic development.

Bank of Industry (BOI) Recruitment Requirements

Embark on a career journey with BOI! We’re seeking talented individuals to join our dynamic team and contribute to Nigeria’s industrial development. Here are the key requirements to get you started:

  • Possess a B.Sc. or HND degree from a recognized institution.
  • Be a Nigerian citizen, ready to make a positive impact on your home country.
  • Be 35 years of age or younger, (18 – 35yrs)
  • Be comfortable with computers and familiar with relevant software applications.

How to Apply

  • Visit and explore the exciting opportunities waiting for you.
  • To ensure you find the perfect match, browse the career page at and discover the roles that align with your skills and aspirations.
  • After finding match for you, apply.


  • Avoid double registration
  • Bank of industry application form is free of charge.

What are the Functions of the Bank of Industry?

The Bank of Industry (BOI) plays a crucial role in supporting the development of Nigeria’s industrial sector by offering a diversified range of financial and advisory services. Its key functions can be categorized into four main areas:

1. Financing industrial development

  • Direct Loans: BOI provides medium and long-term loans to businesses of all sizes, from micro-enterprises to large corporations, for the purchase of plant and machinery, expansion, diversification, modernization, and rehabilitation.
  • Vendor Financing: BOI can also finance equipment acquisition directly through vendors and suppliers, ensuring competitive pricing and equipment suitability.

2. Supporting business growth and viability

  • Working Capital Solutions: BOI partners with other financial institutions to provide working capital funding, crucial for business operations and day-to-day expenses.
  • Business Development Services: BOI offers advisory services and training programs to help businesses develop bankable plans, improve management skills, and access market opportunities.

3. Fostering entrepreneurship and youth initiatives

  • Start-up Support: BOI provides financing and guidance to individuals with viable business ideas, encouraging entrepreneurship and job creation.
  • NYSC Collaboration: BOI collaborates with the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to offer concessional loans and business development support to corps members, promoting self-employment and reducing unemployment.

4. Ensuring loan security and responsible lending

  • Collateral Management: BOI collects collateral for loans to mitigate risk and protect its investments.
  • Price Verification: BOI ensures equipment being financed is purchased at fair market value, protecting both businesses and the bank.

What is the Strength of the Bank of Industry?

The Bank of Industry’s (BOI) strength lies in a multi-faceted approach that goes beyond just staff size and operational efficiency. While these are certainly important factors, a more comprehensive overview reveals a combination of strengths that solidify BOI’s position as a crucial driver of Nigeria’s industrial development:

1. Broad Financial and Advisory Support: BOI offers a diversified suite of financial instruments, including direct loans, vendor financing, and working capital solutions, catering to the diverse needs of businesses across various sizes and sectors. This flexibility in funding options allows BOI to reach a wider range of enterprises and contribute to a broader spectrum of industrial growth.

2. Impactful Development Initiatives: BOI’s commitment to fostering development extends beyond lending, with programs like the Graduate Empowerment Fund (GEF) empowering young entrepreneurs and driving job creation. These initiatives address crucial gaps in the ecosystem, supporting marginalized groups and fostering sustainable economic growth.

3. Strategic Partnerships and Networks: BOI collaborates effectively with other financial institutions, government agencies, and private sector players. These partnerships enhance its reach, leverage expertise, and unlock additional resources, amplifying the impact of its interventions.

4. Focus on Sustainability and Responsible Lending: BOI adheres to responsible lending practices and promotes sustainable development principles. This ensures long-term viability for both businesses and the bank, contributing to a healthy and balanced industrial sector.

5. Skilled and Experienced Workforce: While the number of employees alone isn’t the sole marker of strength, BOI’s team comprises qualified and experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of the industrial landscape and financial expertise. This human capital ensures informed decision-making and effective execution of BOI’s initiatives.

What is the Primary Role of the Bank of Industry?

The Bank of Industry’s (BOI) primary role can be summed up as: catalyzing Nigeria’s industrial development through comprehensive financial and business support solutions. This is evident in its mandate, which focuses on:

  • Financing: BOI provides loans and equipment financing for establishing, expanding, diversifying, and modernizing enterprises of all sizes, from small to large. This ensures access to crucial capital for various industrial needs.
  • Nurturing Growth: BOI goes beyond simply providing funds. It also offers pre-loan assistance, business development services, and collaborations with other financial institutions to help businesses grow and become sustainable.
  • Revitalizing Existing Enterprises: BOI recognizes the importance of strengthening existing industries. It offers financial assistance and expertise to modernize, diversify, and rehabilitate established companies, boosting their competitiveness and longevity.

In essence, BOI acts as a multifaceted agent of change for Nigeria’s industrial sector. It’s not just a bank; it’s a partner, a facilitator, and a catalyst for growth. Its diverse support mechanisms pave the way for thriving businesses, ultimately leading to a more robust and vibrant industrial landscape in Nigeria.

Monthly Salary of Bank of Industry

  • Job position: Salaries vary significantly depending on the specific role within the bank. A branch manager will likely earn more than a customer service representative.
  • Experience level: More experienced employees, regardless of position, typically command higher salaries than those with less experience.
  • Location: Salaries may differ slightly depending on the employee’s location within Nigeria.
  • Benefits: While not part of the base salary, benefits packages vary and can significantly impact total compensation.

What are the Branches of the Bank of Industry?

  1. Oyo State.
  2. Anambra State.
  3. Abia State.
  4. Cross River State.
  5. Bauchi State.
  6. Abuja
  7. Borno State.
  8. Benue State.
  9. Rivers State.
  10. Taraba State.
  11. Sokoto State.
  12. Kebbi State.
  13. Kwara State.
  14. Delta State.
  15. Osun State.
  16. Gombe State.
  17. Kaduna State.
  18. Niger State.
  19. Lagos State.
  20. Ondo State
  21. Ogun State
  22. Katsina State.
  23. Kano State.
  24. Enugu State.

The Bank of Industry also has about four (4) subsidiaries including;

  • Bank of Industry Investment Trust Company.
  • Bank of Industry Microfinance Bank Limited.
  • Bank of Industry Insurance Brokers.
  • LECON Financial Services.

Also, the Bank of Industry has about three (3) Youth Empowerment Initiatives including;

  • Graduate Entrepreneurship Fund (GEF).
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Support Programme.
  • Youth Ignite Programme.

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