UK Tech Jobs with Visa Sponsorship April 2024 (£22,000–£24,000 a year)

Are you a Tech expert or a Project Manager in the Tech industry? Do you dream of working in the United Kingdom for a great company? Here’s your chance! You can get a permanent job, a good salary, and even have your visa and relocation taken care of.


The UK is a big hub for tech and innovation. This means lots of job opportunities for tech professionals. Let’s talk about what’s happening in the tech job market in the UK and what skills and jobs are in demand.

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What’s Happening in UK Tech Jobs Now?


To succeed in the UK tech job market, you need to know what’s going on. We’ll talk about the latest trends and how you can make the most of them.

Skills Everyone Wants

  • Find out what skills are really important for tech jobs in the UK, from coding to keeping things safe online.

Important Skills

  • Show that you’re really good with data and analytics, especially if you’ve worked with big companies. You should be able to handle data well and understand it during audits.
  • Be good at dealing with people, especially those who don’t know much about data. Can you explain tech stuff in simple words? Great! Also, show that you can write good reports.
  • Know how to manage projects – making plans, budgets, and meeting deadlines is a big plus.
  • Have experience leading a team and helping individuals grow. Know how to handle the whole process of getting a project done, including dealing with risks and different people.
  • Show that you’re good at solving problems and thinking analytically, especially when things get tough.

Nice-to-Have Skills

  • Know a bit about finance operations and how data is organized in ERPs.
  • Have experience in auditing and using data analytics in external audits.
  • Understand how technology is used in data and analytics, especially in managed services.

Perks of UK Tech Jobs

  • Good Pay: Tech jobs usually pay well, depending on your skills.
  • Health Benefits: Many companies offer health insurance to make sure you stay healthy.
  • Retirement Plans: Some companies help you save money for when you’re older.
  • Time Off: You get holidays, lots of vacation days, and time off when you’re sick.
  • Flexible Work: Tech jobs often let you work from home or choose your work hours.
  • Learn and Grow: Get training and chances to learn new things.
  • Career Paths: Tech jobs usually have clear ways to move up and get better positions.
  • Support: Get help for work-life balance, counseling, and mental health.
  • Bonuses: Some companies give extra money for doing a great job.
  • Use Tech: Get tools and equipment to work better, even from home.
  • Training Help: Companies may pay for you to learn more and get certifications.
  • Extras: Some companies offer more, like health programs, events, and team-building activities, and even parental leave.
  • Job Security: Tech jobs are often in demand, so your job is secure.
  • Many Paths: Tech pros can work in different industries like banking, healthcare, engineering, and IT.
  • Travel Chance: Some tech jobs might need you to travel for meetings or projects, giving you a chance to see new places and cultures.

Skills You Need

  • You need at least three of these skills:
  • Get info from financial systems.
  • Know how to clean and work with data.
  • See how data analytics will grow in external audits.
  • Understand key accounting ideas like revenue and receivables.
  • Be familiar with tools like Alteryx, SQL, Python, R, and others for data analysis.
  • Use SQL (especially SQL Server) and process data.
  • Know about machine learning.
  • Use visualization tools like Power BI and Tableau.

How to Apply


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What’s Coming in Tech?

As the world moves to cleaner energy, expect big changes in green tech, nuclear fusion, gene editing, quantum computing, and smart devices. Artificial intelligence is also getting smarter.

Top-Paying Job in the UK


Bosses and high-level workers like marketing and sales directors, doctors, school principals, and airline pilots get the most money in the UK.

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Final Thoughts

In short, the UK tech job market has a lot to offer. If you’re ready for a fast-paced job that’s always growing, keep up to date, make friends, and show you can handle change. Welcome to the world of UK tech jobs!

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