How to Use Google Gemini (FKA Bard) AI to Craft Winning Scholarship Essays


Scholarship essays are a crucial part of landing that coveted scholarship award. They’re your chance to tell the selection committee your story, highlight your achievements, and convince them you’re the perfect candidate. But let’s face it, crafting a winning essay can be stressful. You might struggle with writer’s block, grammar mistakes, or simply finding the right words to express yourself powerfully.

This is where Google Bard, a large language model from Google, can be your secret weapon. Bard can’t write your essay for you (and you wouldn’t want it to!), but it can be a powerful tool to help you reshape and refine your work, making it shine brighter.

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Here’s how Google Bard can be your secret weapon for scholarship essays

1. Brainstorming and Generating Ideas

Feeling stuck staring at a blank page? Bard can help you get those creative juices flowing. Simply give Bard a brief description of your scholarship topic or what you want to achieve in your essay.

  • “I’m writing an essay about my passion for environmental science and how I plan to use it to make a difference.”
  • “I need ideas for the introduction of my essay on overcoming challenges.”
  • “I want to showcase my leadership skills in my essay on community involvement.”

Bard will then generate a list of ideas, potential points to discuss, or even opening sentences to get you started. This can be a great way to break through writer’s block and explore different angles for your essay.

2. Rewriting and Polishing Your Existing Work

Maybe you already have a draft written, but feel something is missing. Bard can help you polish your existing work by:

  • Improving Clarity and Conciseness: Sometimes, our writing can get bogged down in complex sentences and unnecessary words. Give Bard your essay prompt and the specific section you want to improve.
  • Enhancing Style and Flow: Does your essay sound a bit flat? Bard can analyze your writing style and offer suggestions to improve the overall flow and make it more engaging to read.
  • Correcting Grammar and Punctuation: While Bard isn’t a replacement for proofreading, it can identify potential grammatical errors and offer suggestions for corrections.

Here’s how to use Bard for rewriting:

  1. Clearly state what you want Bard to do. Do you want it to improve clarity, style, or grammar?
  2. Provide Bard with a specific section of your essay. Don’t overwhelm it with your entire essay at once.
  3. Bard will generate multiple revised versions for you to choose from. Compare them and select the one that best reflects what you’re going for.

3. Getting Feedback and Proofreading:

Once you have a final draft, Bard can provide valuable feedback on your essay’s strengths and weaknesses. Here are some ways Bard can be your final editing partner:

  • Identifying Areas for Improvement: Bard can analyze your essay structure and highlight areas where you could strengthen your arguments or provide more specific examples.
  • Checking for Originality: Scholarship essays need to be your original work. Bard can’t guarantee originality, but it can check your essay for any unintentional plagiarism by comparing it to a massive dataset of text and code.
  • Additional Tips for Using Bard Effectively:
  • Be Specific with Instructions: The clearer your instructions to Bard, the better it will understand your needs and provide you with helpful suggestions.
  • Experiment and Find Your Workflow: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ways to use Bard. See what works best for your writing style and essay development process.
  • Don’t Give Up Your Critical Thinking: Remember, Bard is a tool, not a replacement for your own critical thinking skills. Analyze the suggestions Bard provides and use your judgment to decide what fits best in your essay.
  • Maintain Your Voice and Originality: Your essay should always reflect your unique voice and experiences. Use Bard as a guide to improve your writing, not as a crutch to write your essay for you.
  • Beyond the Basics: Additional Ways to Leverage Bard
  • Research Assistance: Struggling to find relevant information for your essay? Bard can help you search various sources and summarize key points to save you research time. Remember to always cite your sources correctly.
  • Translation Support: If your scholarship application requires writing in a different language, Bard can assist with basic translation tasks.

4. Crafting a Compelling Conclusion

A strong conclusion is essential for leaving a lasting impression on the selection committee. Bard can help you brainstorm impactful closing statements by:

  • Summarizing Key Points: Provide Bard with your essay and ask it to generate a concise summary of the main points you’ve discussed. This can be a great way to ensure your conclusion effectively ties everything together.
  • Offering Inspirational Quotes: Looking for a powerful quote to end your essay? Tell Bard the theme of your essay and it can search for relevant and inspiring quotes to leave a lasting impression.

Remember, Bard is Here to Help, Not Replace You:

It’s important to remember that Google Bard is a tool to enhance your writing, not a magic bullet. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Originality is Key: Scholarship essays need to be your original work. While Bard can help you improve your writing and avoid unintentional plagiarism, it cannot write your essay for you. Always ensure your ideas and voice shine through in your final work.
  • Editing and Proofreading Remain Crucial: While Bard can identify potential grammar and punctuation errors, it’s not a substitute for your own careful proofreading. Double-check your essay for typos, awkward phrasing, and ensure it adheres to the scholarship application’s formatting guidelines.
  • The Final Call is Yours: Bard provides suggestions and options, but the final decision on what content goes into your essay rests with you. Use your judgment and critical thinking skills to choose the revisions that best reflect your message and writing style.

In Conclusion

By leveraging Google Bard’s capabilities, you can transform your scholarship essay writing experience. From brainstorming ideas to polishing your final draft, Bard can be your secret weapon for crafting a winning application. Remember to provide clear instructions, experiment with different functionalities, and maintain your own voice and critical thinking throughout the process. With Bard by your side, you can approach your scholarship essays with more confidence and creativity, increasing your chances of landing that coveted award.

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