Australian Student Visa Applications Hit with Increased Financial Requirements


In a move certain to impact international student mobility, the Australian Department of Home Affairs has announced a significant increase in the financial capacity requirements for student visas. Effective May 10th, 2024, applicants will need to demonstrate access to a minimum of AU$29,710 (approximately $21,300 USD) to be eligible, a jump from the previous minimum of AU$24,505 (approximately $17,600 USD).

This news comes as a blow to many aspiring international students who may have already begun preparing their applications based on the earlier financial requirements. The increased amount is intended to better reflect the rising cost of living in Australia, ensuring students have sufficient funds to support themselves throughout their studies.

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The new minimum covers living expenses for the first year of a student’s stay, along with course fees for the initial twelve months. Students with courses lasting less than a year will need to demonstrate pro-rated funds. Additionally, applicants with accompanying family members (spouse, de facto partner, or dependent children) will face even higher financial requirements.


Impact on Students

The increased financial barrier is likely to deter some students from pursuing their educational goals in Australia. Students from countries with weaker economies may find it particularly challenging to meet the new threshold. Social media platforms have already seen a surge of comments from frustrated and disappointed students grappling with the unexpected change.

Alternatives to Consider

While the news may seem discouraging, prospective students should not lose hope entirely. Here are some alternative options to consider:

  • Scholarships and grants: Explore scholarship opportunities offered by Australian universities, government agencies, and private organizations. These can significantly reduce the financial burden.
  • Work opportunities: International students in Australia are permitted to work a limited number of hours per week. This income can help supplement living expenses.
  • Explore other study destinations: Research student visa requirements and cost of living in other countries that might offer a more affordable option.

Moving Forward

The Australian Department of Home Affairs maintains that these adjustments are necessary to ensure the well-being of international students. They emphasize that students with sufficient funds are less likely to face financial hardship during their studies.

Prospective students are advised to carefully research the updated financial requirements and explore all available funding options before submitting their applications. Educational consultancies and immigration advisors can also provide valuable guidance throughout the process.

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