3 New UK Immigration Rules to Be Published Next Week – Here Are What to Expect


UK’s home office and prime minister, Rishi Sunak are expected to announce three new immigration measures next week as the Prime Minister attempts to appear tough on migration before this year’s general election anticipated to take place by October.

Prime Minister has not given any clear answers as to when the announcement will be made but according to information on our desk the announcements is expected to be made from 20th upwards. This was revealed an update published by the Financial Times on the 17th of May 2024.

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So what should we expect in all the three measures said to be revealed next week? Stay tuned as we will tell you what to expect in the new announcements that will be made next week and who it may affect.

1. Graduate route stands potential acceptance.


The UK government’s independent migration advisor recently recommended maintaining the current Visa scheme which allows International students to stay for 2 years post-graduation.

This brought deliberation between the Tories as some of them were against the mac’s recommendations. Now the Prime Minister Rishi sunak has discussed this with the Tories and may decide to accept the recommendations but there is more to it.

Sunak is also considering stricter criteria for the Graduate Visa scheme, potentially limiting visas to the “best and the brightest.”

However, this approach has not yet been formally discussed with ministers. This proposal faces resistance from Chancellor Jeremy Hunt and education secretary Jillian Keegan, who worry about the financial impact on universities if international student numbers drop further.

2. Crackdown on agents marketing graduate Visa schemes overseas

UK prime minister Rishi sunak is expected to announce a Crackdown on agents marketing graduate Visa schemes overseas, aiming to project a tough stance on migration before this year’s general elections. The migration advisory committee’s report highlighted issues with some recruitment agents and suggested tighter regulation, including mandatory registration and transparency in University spending on these agents.

A British government report highlights The Graduate root ‘s vital role in supporting universities financially and enhancing the UK’s research landscape.

In 2023, 114,000 graduate root visas were issued, primarily to Nationals from India, Nigeria, China and Pakistan. The majority of Visa holders were postgraduate students from non-russell group universities. Despite concerns about exploitation by recruitment agents, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) emphasized the Visa’s positive impact. So the prime minister is bent on cracking down on these agents to make sure the Visa leaves a positive impact.

3. Quarterly migration data to be released!

The home office and the Office for National statistics (ONS) are set to unveil the latest quarterly migration data. This information provides insights into the movement of people across the UK’s borders, including immigration, emmigration, and net migration figures.

Policy makers, businesses, and researchers rely on this data to understand Trends, plan resources, and make informed decisions.

Key points to expect in the migration data are:

Net migration Trends: the net migration figure reflects the balance between people arriving in the UK and those leaving. It impacts Workforce availability, housing demand, and social services.

Visa Categories: The data will likely break down Migration by Visa categories, such as work visas, student visas, family reunification and Asylum seekers

Regional Variations: Expect regional variations in migration patterns, with London often being a hot spot for international arrivals.


As the UK prepares to reveal these announcements stakeholders eagerly await the details. Whether you’re an international student, a business owner or a concerned citizen these developments will shape the country’s future.

International students should not panic and just keep their fingers crossed as this may favor them. we hope this information was very helpful to you.

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